Summer loving

Summer loving

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where did all the twins come from?

Ok, so no offense to anyone who has twins, or multiples, but my rant today is about the sudden appearance of twins everywhere I go.
When I was pregnant with the boys, I didn't see ANY twins anywhere, although I did know another mom who was pregnant at the same time with identical twin girls, who although having TTTS for the whole pregnancy were born fine at 36 weeks.
Now is seems I see them everywhere I go. Where did they all come from? I get that I am bound to run into twin sets when I go to places like McMaster, or Sick Kids, or places like that, but why do I see them now at Price Chopper, walking down third line while I am trying to run to clear my head, the zoo, the mall, Starbucks, etc, etc. It's not like I begrudge anyone who has healthy surviving twins ( ok, maybe just a little, if we are being honest) but every time I see them I can't help but think " Why me?". And don't even get me started if they are identical twin boys.
And one more thing, why does just about every woman I know who gets pregnant, wishes for twins? I wouldn't wish that potential complication on my worst enemy.

Ok, enough with the feeling sorry for myself for right now. Onto the good stuff for today!
Maclain did great at therapy today. He is just getting so much stronger and he tries so hard. We have had alot of transition over the last few months, and it has taken him and I some time to adjust to our new therapy team, but so far his PT is on my good side. She is so positive and really gets excited when he does something new or gets better at something. And she is so positive about what she thinks Maclain will achieve over time. If I can make it through a therapy session without crying, or at least getting the teary sting in my eye, it is a good day, but with our PT sessions, I don't get the stressful worry, I just enjoy all the hard work Mac is doing, and see how much stronger he is getting. It takes so much of my energy mentally to get through the day these days, let alone through all the therapy sessions, but his new PT makes it a little easier!
And as a side note, with his new haircut, could he be any cuter?

Monday, December 21, 2009

It takes 21 days to form a habit

As you will see by the date of my last post, the good intention I had of starting and maintaining a blog about life with Maclain fell by the way side. I have wanted to do a blog since he was born, but the CP, doctors appointments, Chase, life, work, therapies etc etc got in my way.
BUT, I am committed this time to make this a go! I need it for my sanity, and I hope that everyone one who reads it gets a laugh, or some new information, or sheds a tear, or is able to relate something I have said to their own life.

I figure if I can start running and have kept it up for over 4 months now, I should be able to find 20 minutes a day to record the goings on in our life. I have also decided that going back and trying to capture 2 years worth of our experiences might be a little tedious, so I when I have a post that may allow for some past history, I will be sure to include it.

So, without further ado, he is the first of the new posts!

It seems that most of the blogs I follow have a "thing" that they do, that makes them a little unique, so my "thing" is going to be that I will start each new post off with a rant of some sort. It might be related to a therapist, or a doctor, or my husband, or Chase, or the dog, or the guy who cut me off on the highway, or the rude barista at Starbucks. But I figure if I can get a rant out of the way early, it will make the rest of the post more pleasant!.

Government funding.

I can't even begin to articulate how I feel about this topic. How hard it is to know that we, along with many other families are sitting on a wait list for SSAH, some up to 2 years, while a 16 year old mother of 3 by 2 different baby daddies uses her welfare and other gov't funding to buy smokes and scratch tickets. There has been no "new" funding for SSAH for a few years now. Any money they receive each year goes to the people who are currently receiving the funding, which leaves nothing for the "newbies". It's not like we need this money for hot tubs or european vacations, we need it for respite care, therapy, equipment etc etc. But, so long as that 16 year old gets her smokes, I guess I shouldn't complain about the inequalities in our funding systems.
Did I mention how I feel about the government grants being given out to researchers to monitor the fertility cycles of the naked mole rat, or something like that? How about more research grants to cure cancer, or use stem cells, or something life changing? But what do I know?
In case you are curious, here is a link to the SSAH program.

On a nice note, I am so excited to see Maclain using more switch toys. We have been working to find ways for him to communicate and express his wants and needs while we work on his receptive and expressive language skills. He has been using computers a modified mouse, and something called a Big Mack switch ( how fitting) that we can record messages on. As an example, we can record" more bubbles, bu-bu-bu" and when he pushes the switch button, the message plays and I blow more bubbles for him. His face just lights up!
We use his left foot ( yes, that is a movie, how ironic) because his control and tone in his lower half is so much better than his upper half. So for the purpose of consistency right now, this is how we use them. We are working to evaluate what the best system will be for him going forward, but for now this is pretty exciting and fun too. How nice it is for him to be able to activate his own toys without us doing it for him. He really is learning the cause and effect of things now.

As for me? I ran over 7kms yesterday with my good friend Laura and it felt great. My life has been so out of control for the past two years, and continues to be out of my control, that running gives me some sense of control. Plus I get 40 minutes or so to myself with my thoughts. Some days they are good thoughts, most days they are hard thoughts, but either way I am able to explore them without someone bugging me.

Ok, off to get Maclain up from his nap, and then figure out something creative for dinner.

Agnew out!