Summer loving

Summer loving

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow, your son is so well dressed and well cared for.

Someone actually said this to me one day not too long ago, after the woman asked how old he was and then made "the face". You know, the face that says " really, he is 2? And not walking, and not talking?" So as usual, I went on to explain that he has CP, and her response was the same as the title of this post.
Ok, lady, what would you expect? That because he is not "typical" that I would just leave him dirty and unkept? If anything, I go out of my way to ensure that Maclain is always well dressed and well groomed, as I did and do with Chase. Research actually says that people and kids with CP who present well and are well kept tend to be more respected, and better treated by society. That is not why I do it though, I do it because I LOVE MY KIDS, and I am proud of them, and I like them to look nice and I want them to learn to try and be presentable.
It just irked me that someone would make this comment.....if Mac was walking and talking and had a face full of chocolate and ripped and dirty pants, with disheveled hair, nothing would be said except maybe something like..."oh, how cute, boys will be boys".

So that leads me to the second part of my post.
I have had the privilege to meet a wonderful woman by the name of Dana Florence. She is the mom to triplets, all of whom have CP. Yep, you read that right, they all have CP, and the two boys have auditory neuropathy just like Maclain. Their names are Taylor, Cole, and Brody and they were born at just over 25 weeks gestation, and they turned 2 on January 1st. These kids are beautiful and loved, so loved and their mom is truly incredible. There are so many days when I feel sorry for myself, and as most people know, I have my issues with depression. I say the same old line " why me" and to this day I have never received an answer to this question. But then I meet this woman, and I think holy crap. Really, that is what goes through my head. How does she do it? And she doesn't just "get by". She goes above and beyond to make sure that her kids will have every chance in life. Another mom here at camp asked her how she can be so happy all the time, and Dana replied " what other choice do I have? If I don't have hope, what else is there"? It really helped me to put some of my own issues in perspective. And I know I said they are loved, but it's not just that, they are all so happy, and the look that she has in her eyes when she is with them.....sigh....if you could harness that look and bottle it and sell it, I swear it would bring world peace. I pride myself on how much I do for Maclain and how hard I work to bring him every opportunity to have a wonderful life despite his challenges, and here is a woman who is doing the same, but times 3. Can you even imagine?
Oh, and top of that, she has started a foundation to raise money for stem cell research to find a "cure" for CP. Like having triplets alone isn't enough, not to mention triplets with CP, but then she starts a foundation to help OTHERS!
Her website is

THREE TO BE is a foundation working in partnership with The Hospital for Sick Children & Bloorview Kids Rehab, to support the development of new treatments and therapies for children’s neurological disorders. There are presently no foundations or agencies in Canada aimed at funding research and therapy for this broad spectrum of disorders, which range from Cerebral Palsy to Epilepsy to Autism. THREE TO BE stands ready to fill that gap. We are passionate about developing the organization to advance these fields of research, and to make a difference in the lives of many children living with neurological disorders

Check it out. They are having a fundraiser in May, and I know I will be there for sure.

I think sometimes that God gave me Maclain so that I would meet other incredible people whose aquantaince brings me inspiration.

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