Summer loving

Summer loving

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Give me an "M", give me an "I", give me a "C".....

....given me H-I-G-A-N..that spells Michigan.
In our ongoing quest for therapies and therapy centres, I came across another center that offers Conductive Education, and really seems to have an interesting program, so Mac and I are headed there in May. Why not go back to Milford you may ask? Well, since I do not have a built in censor button, I will tell you. I don't want to give my money to a greedy, money focused, bad business, dis-respectful, arrogant, person. I have nothing but great things to say about the 2 conductors that work at Ability Camp, but the place itself is shameful, as is the Director. I told myself that I could put up with the sub-standard and dirty living accomodations, and being in the middle of nowhere, because I was sacrificing this to get Maclain what he needed. But then I started to think, why does it have to be like this? Surely there have to be other places that offer CE in a cleaner, friendlier, more professional environment, where parents weren't talked down to, and the accomodations didn't smell, and wasn't so depressing. I am constantly shocked by some of the individuals involved in the special needs world. So many lack the empathy, compassion, and respect that they should have towards us and our kids. But instead they seem to pry on us because we are in a very vulnerable place in our life, where we would do ANYTHING to fix our kids. I will not go into any more details for fear of being sued or something for defamation, but I will say this to that individual " SHAME ON YOU"

So off to Michigan we go. I am actually quite excited. I have heard great things about the program at the Conductive Learning Centre, and we are going to put Mac into a program this time where I will not be with him for the sessions, and I am eager to see how he does. The price is less than half of the program in Picton, and we are staying at a local hotel with fantastic rates for families attending the centre. I hope it is a good experience for us, and I look forward to Maclain making even more progress. I am very comitted to CE, and I think that we will get alot out of this next experience. I could be making a big mistake, and be wasting our precious therapy dollars, but I don't think I am. I have faith that the conductors at this place will be just as dedicated to the kids, and Mac will get alot out of it. And let's not discount the fact that there is a Target where we are going....a happy mommy is a happy kid!

He is doing so awesome and I am so proud of him. His head control is getting really good, and everyone has noticed. He is pooping on the potty more and more, and is making new sounds every day. I am so blessed to have my two boys in my life!

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  1. Hi Brenda,
    Came across your blog tonight while googling away (great reading btw). My daughter and I just returned from our 10th session at camp (and hopefully our last!). Guess we just missed you and Maclain. Check out our website and our CE pilot project taking place this Fall:
    If you'd like to contact me, my e-mail address is on site. take care, and hope to hear from you!


    Angela Richard